Why It Is Not The Best Time For Bathroom Remodeling

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All cocked on and so you can’t grab it and rip it off so how would you take that off man i I just seem just smacking the ears onto the side of it and then cranking it back as a yeah you know fair enough we’re gonna do redraw wall so that doesn’t matter so you don’t swing at it that’s dangerous just put it on there right look at that adhesive oh my God look at this door they use baseboard pieces.

As shims new mum remodel bathroom cost folks gotta love it I know the world is looking for ways to make things that don’t require cutting down trees but see that’s just garbage if that was a solid piece of wood I could have taken it off and reinstalled it again there’s just a whole wall they make them to fit the hole in the framing usually four screws and that’s it Wow special.

Note if you think yours is ugly you can go to the store they buy these standard size and you get to shove it back in and screwed in you can see that they drill the hole for a little shower valve coming through here but your tile only needs to be inside this gasket right here right so it’s a waste of time to cut such a little hole when this is going to go over and cover everything.

Anyways so no need to waste it waste your time make it big enough so then when you put this over it cover the tile everything sealed and you cock around the edge you won’t even see the hole when you’re done so basically right here I’m just scoring the silicone so then when I take my chisel my hammer to break off this little cap here it’s a whole lot easier than using complete brute force so the reason why that we’re getting rust and behind here is still even on the silicone is sealed because.

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