Improve Your Bathroom Remodeling

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So the first switch turns on the vanity light in the overhead light that’s not there yet and the second switch turns on power to these outlets here and third switch powers the recessed light and the fourth one powers BAM. Read more @

So now I just need to get all these wrapped up a little better and more secure and tuck them into the wall next is warming and to raise this raise these and so on the plumbing here’s where I’mat so far.

I took out the old stuff and went to Lowe’s and picked up some more galvanized steel pipe and these are half an inch inside diameter threaded couplings one of each of these will go in here and then basically this one is too small but I need to get some taller galvanized pipe and run the cold up and the hot up.

I have to drill some holes here and then bring them together here where the faucet I don’t even know what its called coupling is the main handle for the hot and cold and then run one up here about this height so this unit may actually work this piece may actually work for the showerhead and now.

I’m going to degree elbow up that okay so here’s the finished plumbing hot on the left cold on the right inches tall so replaced these with half-inch steel galvanized and just went one piece at a time a coupling at inch pipe elbow a-inch nipple and then I went and bought the actual faucet and this is the valve in the middle it’s a one handle faucet and then added guests of one and a half inch piece here another elbow Remodeling A Bathroom.

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